ibmMaximo Enterprise Asset Management


EmptyBuilt entirely on Java 2 Enterprise Edition, component-based internet architecture and easily integrates into most existing business systems; Uses an architecture, which is built on the same technology standard as the platform architecture of the large enterprise vendors.

Has been certified for a number of applications including NetWeaver application server and SAP portals

Solutions and best practices have been used for more than 20 years by many organizations to track, manage and maintain their business-critical assets.

More than 200 oil and gas organizations including 8 of the top 10 in 51 countries rely on Maximo solutions to help optimize their asset management.


Maximo asset management solutions benefits:

- Improve asset utilization and production, asset analysis, asset related decision making, return on asset

- Reduce MRO costs, cut equipment downtime and unplanned outages and manual interventions

- Captures and analyzes your asset and work data, to help you optimize maintenance and services initiatives throughout your enterprise.

- Aligning roles and responsibilities, instilling integrity management, facilitating continuous improvement

- Adopt modern SOA ‘service-oriented architecture’ standards to be agile to sense and respond to change

- Address needs of aging workers and assets, using advanced technologies to meet future demands

- Increase asset service delivery responsiveness and revenue

- Improve inspection & reduce administrative time

- Planning shutdown