Enterprise Asset Management



Enterprises face uncertain market conditions; price instability in major producing countries, and aging workforce. Organizations must now install industry specific solutions to support standards of excellence that help the organizations promote compliance, safety and reliability goals, improve the planning process to help maximize productivity.



Leading the way with a prototype project, implementing eBusiness-based management systems, based on the asset life cycle management solutions and serving as a powerful management catalyst for enterprise, to both reduce costs and increase productivity.

Your enterprise needs control over its assets and services; control requires real-time information, enterprise-wide perspective on how well resources and activities are aligned with business needs.
The role of asset management is to provide this view, automating and supporting the processes that allow you to maximize return on investment, improve service delivery levels and thus reduce total costs.
Providing best practice to help improve the productivity of your critical assets and enable your organization to better support people, process and technology.

This industry-specific solutions helps you track asset management, work management, inventory management, contracts & service management, and purchasing management.
With high production demands, all assets must be performing at maximum output and efficiency. Any asset failure can be headline news. This type of risk can often be measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars, a risk that you cannot take lightly.


Manage important aspects of each asset life cycle, including acquisition, work management, inventory control, purchasing, preventive maintenance and disposal. Protecting high investments companies does in assets because it forms the organization’s productivity structure backbone. Your assets = your productive money.

Asset purchasing decisions have traditionally been based solely on cost and vendor relationships. Now with ITIL solutions we help you base these decisions on sold information about historical performance including support costs such as parts and labor.


Facilitate, monitor and document corporate and regulatory compliance efforts using comprehensive contract management, automated reconciliation processes of authorized and deployed assets, and real-time performance monitor.

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