Information is the engine of your business. When Union Link has the opportunity to deliver you information integration, you will be able to keep your business up, running, secured, managed and growing. Information technology is not just an administrative marvel; it is the repository and means of delivering the unique assets that drive your business.


In a very real sense, your information is the currency of your company. How you and Union Link besides helping for protect it, manage it, and put it to work is the key to business success. Achieving the balance interplay between information availability and security has proven to be a complex information technology challenge. Keeping these critical assets with both attributes is the ideal approach, because information that is available but not secure is suspect, and information that is secure but not available is useless.


The reason it has been so difficult to simultaneously maximize information security and availability is fragmentation array of needs. The balanced framework for information integrity is what we call "Resilient Infrastructure". Combining the right technologies can dramatically reduce the risk of unexpected disruptions; maintain continuity of normal business operations.

The ideal has remained elusive. Until Union Link is here working by your side...
The keyword for success is "align your information infrastructure with your changing business goals".

every single thing you need to run your business the right way can be found here... you now have more than a choice


We can help you improve your business through providing some services listed as follows:

1. Infrastructure services: from planning to full function systems

iiiia) Data Centers Constuctions, Active and Passive Components

iiiib) Systems Configurations, Servers, PCs, Notebooks, Laptops

iiiic) Netowrk Configurations, LAN, WAN, Wireless, Switches, Routers

iiiid) Security Configurations, Endpoints, Anti-Virus, Firewalls, UTMs

iiiie) Assessments, Vulnerability, Risk

iiiif) Storage Configurations, NAS, SAN, DAS, Backup, Disaster Recovery

iiiig) Power Configurations, UPS, Surge Protectors

iiiih) Cooling Configurations, Ventilized Racks, Ventilized Data Centers

iiiii) Printing Configurations, Laser Workgroup Systems, MFPs, Color Systems

iiiij) Connectivity & Communication, Internet, Intranet, CB Faxing

iiiik) Software Configurations, Operating Systems, Mail Systems, Identity Management Systems, Business Process Systems


2. Infrastructure products: all linked to information tehnology services products and systems

iiiia) Servers and Storage

iiiib) Personal Systems, PCs, Notebooks

iiiic) Printing Systems, Laser, MFPs, Color Systems

iiiid) Networks, Active, Passive


3. Business Applications: all people hate metals, love what they are doing


4. Publishing services: introduce your business in the right way

iiiia) Webdesign

iiiib) Search Engine Optimization "SEO"

iiiic) Pay-Per-Click

iiiid) Google AdWords

iiiif) Google Enterprise Services


5. Support Contracts