About Us

about usWe at Union Link are doing our best to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies all around the world, this reflects our behavior when we engage with one of our partners in a project, or a plan for information technology need, we are acting as vendor-independent consultants to be fully keen to provide our customers total solution regardless brands. while keep in mind full integration across multiple vendors in the solution areas.


Union Link delivers strategic consulting, information technology solutions and products in an integrated framework commonly named 'ITIL'; helping organizations improve the management and adjust the performance of their resources both tangible and intangible.
Union Link has supported over 26 satisfied clients with information technology expertise, productivity enhancement products and professional service that significantly improved their business operations, which is always delivered from our headquarter located in Alexandria, Egypt.

Union Link understands how to align the purpose, performance, technology and human resources to our clients’ business missions, enabling improved decision making.
Since founding in 2003, Union Link helped customer partners make the most of their technology investments to manage their businesses, plus partnering with world class organizations to deliver the highest value and completely integrated solutions.


Your business might not be in the need of the latest revealed solution(s). While it still suffer one or more exposed or hidden problem(s) in an information technology gap that we can fulfill for your business process improvement.


'ITIL' or Information Technology Infrastructure Library has been always recognized as de facto for companies interested and believe in forming a reliable baseline for business support through information technology alignment with business objectives. Providing such consultancy services can help all types of organizations work in a stable IT environment, minimizing the unplanned business disruptions to the lowest level.